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The free zone of Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone100% foreign ownership, ongoing business support services, freedom to source labor and materials globally, fast-track visas, and tax-free environment. Besides, RAK FTZ offers incentives at a lower cost than free zones in other emirates. The Business Setup in RAS AL KHAIMAH ECONOMIC ZONE can be made easier by hiring the Best Consultancy Company and the Best Company formation specialist in RAK FTZ. RAK FTZ was established by an Emiri Decree in May 2000. If you have doubts regarding how to open a corporate bank account, how to set up a business bank account, or how to open a company bank account, a business setup advisor can help you. RAK FTZ has four free zone parks in Ras Al Khaimah – an Academic Zone for educational institutions, a Technology Park for trading and light manufacturing, an Industrial Park for heavy manufacturing, and a Business Park for office clients. It also has representative offices in India, Turkey, and Germany.


Benefits of Business Setup in RAKEZ.

Customs duty is exempted on re-exported goods

100% exemption from corporate and personal income tax

Companies enjoy the freedom of 100% foreign ownership and full profit repatriation

Warehouses are available in a variety of sizes, located in proximity to seaports and airports


Availability of on-site staff and labor accommodation

Unlimited space is available to grow your industrial operations with plots of land for development

You can register Free zone and non-free zone company

Warehouses are available at cost-effective prices.

Customer portal

Flexi-facilities available at a very low cost,


Business Licenses in RAKEZ

1. Commercial License

Flexi Desk (0 Visa Quota) package cost is AED 11,440 / Flexi Desk (1 Visa Quota) package cost is AED 15,868.


Investors can register their trading company under a commercial license in RAKEZ. This license allows an entrepreneur to deal in trading of goods. The company can be registered as a free-zone entity or a non-free zone entity, as per the entrepreneur’s preference

2. Educational License

Flexi Desk (0 Visa Quota) package cost is AED 14,240 / Flexi Desk (1 Visa Quota) package cost is AED 18,668..


An educational license permits an investor to enter into the education business. By registering one’s educational institute under the educational license, an investor can open any kind of education-related company in RAK Economic Zone.

3. E-Commerce License

Flexi Desk (0 Visa Quota) package cost is AED 15,440 / Flexi Desk (1 Visa Quota) cost is AED 19,868.

RAK free zone offers e-commerce license for business owners, through which they can trade their goods and services via an online portal/platform.

4. General Trading License

Standard Office + 4 Visa Quota package for AED 25,748 / Executive offices + 6 visa Quota packages for AED 30,028

In order to increase their limit of goods, traders or business owners can register for a general trading license in RAKEZ.

5. Professional/Service License

Package cost is AED 13,486 (1 Visa Quota)

A professional license is provided to those who are providing professional services in RAKEZ. The owner of a professional company is required to have a specific specialty or expertise. A service license permits its holder to carry out services or consultancies across any industry in RAK free zone.

6. Industrial License

Companies which have their operations in manufacturing, importing, packaging or exporting products can opt for an industrial business license in RAK Economic Zone.

7. Media License

Flexi Desk (0 Visa Quota) package cost is AED 8,240 / Flexi Desk (1 Visa Quota) cost is AED 12,668.

To encourage media related industry and attract more investors for the media industry, RAK Economic Zone issues media license. Business owners who are involved in the production of media-related activities can get a media license for their business.

8. Tourism License

A tourism license is exclusive to tourism-oriented business activities in RAKEZ.

Serviced Offices

A perfect choice of companies or start-ups looking for an affordable office setup.

Features: Permanent workspace in an enclosed office dedicated for you (minimum of 3m2/desk).

Visa Eligibility

One Desk – Up to 2 visas

Two Desk – Up to 4 visas

Lease terms: 1–5-year renewals (Inclusive of maintenance & utility charges)

Cost: Serviced Offices starting from AED 18,555

Procedure for Business Setup in RAKEZs

1.Choosing the Right Package

Selecting the correct entity, facility and license will set your package for the business. This will finish 25% of your business setup process.

2.Submission of Application and Documents

For this step, HELEN AND SONS can guide you through all the procedures and guidelines of the business set up in RAKEZ. To make sure that all the requirements are met and all the documents are arranged from your side, HELEN AND SONS will perform a check of the portfolio, by the updated corporate law.

You can choose any one of the 3 payment options:

Direct cash payment at the Free Trade Zone office

Bank transfer to the account details mentioned on your invoice

Online payment the official website

3.Issuance of Business License

The final step would be collecting your registration set, bank letter and business license, upon completion of your licensing formalities. After this, you can start your visa application process.

Our Role

Business setup in RAKEZ has its share of advantages. HELEN AND SONS can help you with the business registration, documentation, licensing, visa application, banking procedures, and all other legal formalities which you’ll need to start your business venture. We at HELEN AND SONS ensure that your business gets a great start in a cost-efficient manner. For starting with your business venture, you can contact us. For any guidance on your business setup in RAKEZ, you can choose our services.