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When a company enters into the liquidation stage, it closes all its daily operations and starts selling off assets and properties or distributes the value of the assets previously owned by the company to its respective creditors and shareholders.

In the case of insolvency, all shareholders come to an agreement regarding the disposal of assets to meet the recurring liabilities. In some cases, the liquidation company for sale retains their assets and immovable properties to handover them to the new owners.

Whatever be the case, the company has to go through a set of legal procedures to wind up its business activities. At Helen and sons consultancy, we offer safe and honest company liquidation services that help you eliminate the hassles of the complex and heart wrenching company liquidation process and bring peace to your fragile mind.As a full-service liquidation company, our knowledgeable business company liquidation specialists are committed to delivering a comprehensive suite of fully-managedcompany liquidation services that help companies unwaveringly navigate the complex company liquidation process in UAE.

We aim to provide steadfast support to our clients to help them get maximum value through our result-orientedcompany liquidation advice.

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Company Liquidation Requirements

  • ✓ There exist no current liabilities for the company.

  • ✓ All the active visas under the company should be cancelled.

  • ✓ All the corporate bank accounts that are opened under the company should be terminated.

  • ✓ All the assets of the company are to be legally transformed to its shareholders.

    ✓ The pending payments or dues that are to be paid to the free zone authorities must be immediately cleared.

    ✓ You must seek immigration clearance from the free zone authorities of the respective jurisdictions.

    ✓ The company must pass a resolution or take a formal/ official decision to liquidate the company and appoint a verified liquidator to proceed with the entire company liquidation process.

    ✓ The selected company liquidator must express the willingness to undertake the company liquidation process.

    ✓ The company liquidator must prepare a liquidation letter or the final audit report confirming that the company undergoing liquidation process has neither any asset registered in the name of the company nor has any liabilities or obligations to fulfill.

    ✓ Obtain the company liquidation documents and clearance letters from the below-listed Government authorities:

    ➤ Free Zone Authorities

    ➤ RTA

    ➤ Utility Providers

    ➤ Electricity And Water Authority

    ➤ Customs Department

    ➤ Telecommunication Authority

  • A Word To the Entrepreneurs - We know how it feels to close a company when it drastically failed to bring profit and outperform your competitors. While you are selling off your possessions, we don’t want to create an extra burden on you by charging heavy company liquidation costs. At Helen and Sons Consultancy, we offer affordable company liquidation process in UAEwithout compromising quality and professionalism.