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UAE is the right place for the international workforce to boost your professional life, expand their professional network, and access to high quality life. Qualified foreign employees need a valid work license and get visa approval to work and live in UAE.

Visa Approval for Private Companies

To get an employee entry permit, employees of private firms need to submit their Application for residence visa status within 30 days of the arrival of their employees.

✓ For private firms registered in any of the free zones of UAE, the validity of thefreezone visa is calculated to be 3 years.

✓ In the case of onshore companies, from the date of visa approval, the validity will last for 2 years.

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  • Family Residency Visa Approval in UAE

  • Living with your family is one of the blessings that expatriates could get in their overseas life. Considering the importance of having your family during the time of your foreign employment, the authorities have implemented a well-designed family visa approval system.

  • Things to be considered while applying for the family visa in UAE

✓ If you wish to bring your family members who are living outside of the UAE, you need to apply for entry residence visa approval. But please bear in mind that not every foreign national is permitted to bring their family as it is important to meet certain travel and employment conditions specified by the authorities. However, within 30 days of their arrival, you need to apply for the resident stamp.

✓ The minimum salary set by the authorities for salaried professionals to get a family visa is AED 4000 per month.

✓ If you want your parents to live with you anywhere in UAE, you can sponsor a residence visa for them. If your minimum monthly salary is AED 20000, you can apply for a sponsorship visa.

  • List of mandatory documents
    ✓ Application form must be submitted in a typed format
    ✓ Copy of salary certificate or attested work contract form in the case of private employees
    ✓ Bank statements for the last 3 months
    ✓ Attested tenancy contract
    ✓ Copy of Emirates ID card and Labor card
    ✓ Attested copy of Marriage Certificate
    ✓ Original copy of Passport
    ✓ Copy of sponsor’s Passport
    ✓ Copy of Passport of the family member(s)
    ✓ Medical Fitness Certificate of family members above 15 years old
    ✓ Three passport size photographs of each family member applying for the visa
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