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schengen visa application services dubai by Helen & Sons

Schengen visa application/refusal services Dubai, UAE

Everyone lives with a dream to visit unseen places just for fun or on purpose. Let it be a holiday destination or place of study, or even a workplace, if you are planning to apply for a Schengen Visa, we are right here to help you.

UAE is ranked among the top 15 countries whichhave more number of applicants forSchengen Visa. According to European Commission, the total number of applications received from UAE alone is 2, 67,000. Forecasting the increasing demand forSchengan Visa, we are offering secure and affordable Schengen Visa Application processing services.

At Helen and Sons Consultancy, through our flawless Schengen Visa processing services, we strive to get 100% visa approvalto help you realize your dream.

Necessary documents required for Schengan Visa:

✓ The applicant's passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months.

✓ The UAE residence visa valid for 3 to 6 months.

✓ Bank statement sealed with the official stamp of the bank.

✓ Passport size photograph with white background.

✓ No Objection Certificate from your present employer or the sponsor.

✓ For entrepreneurs and the partners of a company submit the proof of business ownership. Here, it can be a copy of your trade license.

Please note:

✓ For married couples, you must submit the original and copy of your marriage certificate.

✓ If you intend to travel with your children with age less than 20, you must furnish the original and copy of their birth certificate.

schengen visa application services dubai by Helen & Sons
  • As an approachable and dependable Consultancy in Dubai, Helen and Sons Consultancy facilitates visa processing for people residing in UAE to get visa approval to visit countries listed under the Schengen Visa.

  • The list of countries included in the Schengen Visa is:
    ✓ Austria
    ✓ Belgium
✓ Czech Republic
✓ Denmark
✓ Estonia
✓ Finland
✓ France
✓ Germany
✓ Greece
✓ Hungary
✓ Iceland
✓ Italy
✓ Latvia
✓ Liechtenstein
✓ Lithuania
✓ Luxembourg
✓ Malta
✓ Norway
✓ Poland
✓ Portugal
✓ Slovakia
✓ Slovenia
✓ Spain
✓ Sweden
✓ Switzerland
In addition to our Schengen visa processing &visa approvalservices, we also offer processing services in case you meet with visa refusals. We coordinate our work with your Schenganvisa application centerand help you resolve all the errors that had accidentally entered in your application form.