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Local sponsorship services in UAE

If your company eyes for a global expansion, setting up a business in UAE is the right way to make it happen. With investor-friendly policies and innovative infrastructure, UAE welcomes investors from all around the world to find new markets. UAE acts as a gateway to Asia and other gulf countries for companies planning to find affluence of new customers in both Gulf and Asian regions.

Are you finding it difficult to get a local sponsorship in UAE to open your business?The fact is, getting a local sponsor for business setup in UAE depends on your nationality, the type of trade license you are applying for, and the business formation laws in each Emirates. So what’s the better option to own a 100% stake in your own company? The answer is, Start a business offering Professional Services!

Technically qualified individuals having expertise in their domain are eligible to setup a company and holding 100% share in their name.

Do you need round the clock assistance in obtaining local sponsorship in UAE? Let our business consultants find you the right local sponsor for your business’smainland company formation in Dubai.

Corporate Sponsorship in Dubai

First-time entrepreneurs are normally confused about various things – from how to search for a local sponsor to building a harmonious business rapport with UAE national sponsors and how to open corporate bank account for the smooth functioning of the business.

Helen and Sons Consultancy is one of the outstanding best company formation consultants in Dubai and when it comes to finding reliable local sponsor(s) for expatriate business ventures, we are one of the renowned and affordable sponsorship companies in Dubai.

A UAE national/ Emirati holds up to 51% of your company’s total shares. Even though the majority of your shares are owned by your local sponsor, you are legally eligible to control your business operations. By partnering with Helen and Sons Consultancy, we make sure that you get a trustworthy corporate nominee and a healthylocal sponsorship in UAE and at the same time we ensure that your local service agents are well served.

Consider the crucial benefits for our Corporate Sponsorship in Dubai:

✓ Running Your Business without The Interference Of Your Sponsor

✓ Help You Effectively Control All the Financial Benefits from Your Company

✓ Complete protection of the Business Owner’s and Shareholder’s rights

✓ Legitimate and Lawful Contracts

From finding the best sponsorship proposal to preparing a well-drafted sponsorship letter, to timely submission of sponsorship application, to arranging a validsponsorship visa - We Manage Everything related to Corporate Sponsorship in Dubai with affordable sponsorship fee in UAE.