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UAE Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates launched Golden Visas as a new system for long-term residence visa holders. A UAE golden visa allows overseas nationals to work, live, study, and start businesses in the UAE. You own your business 100 percent and do not need to find a national sponsor.

What is Golden visa?

UAE Golden Visas provide long-term residency for five to ten years. Traditional UAE visas require sponsors, but this visa does not. An objective of the golden visa program is to attract foreigners who can contribute to the UAE's economy and have talent and skills.

Golden Visa belonging to the following categories

✓ Inventors

✓ Business owners

✓ Individuals with exceptional talents in their domains and researchers in several scientific and academic disciplines

✓ Brilliant students with a promising scientific background

Expatriates are encouraged to invest long-term in the UAE by providing golden visas, thereby stimulating the local economy for years to come. UAE government has made it very clear that they are implementing this visa to give immigrants, investors, and any other person willing to reside permanently in UAE an additional reason to apply.

Qualifications for the Golden visa in Dubai

The golden visa's eligibility requirements differ between five and ten years. A UAE ten-year residence visa can be applied for by the following categories of individuals:

Public investors who invest at least AED 10 million

There are many ways in which an investment can be made, including:

✓ An investment fund account with a minimum balance of 10 million AED

✓ Incorporation of an UAE company with a minimum capital of AED 10 million

✓ The company must have a share value of at least AED10 million, whether it is an existing one or a new one

✓ The total investment must be at least AED 10 million, and 60 percent of the total investment must be in sectors other than real estate.

Talented individuals with specific skills

A variety of individuals are included in this category, such as doctors, specialists, scientists, inventors, and creative people working in the arts. Specialized individuals must, however, comply with several requirements.

✓ For scientists to receive the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence, they must be accredited by the Emirates Scientists Council.

✓ People who work in the arts and culture must be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

✓ Purchase, sale, and exercise of any right in recognized cryptocurrencies

✓ It is imperative for inventors to obtain patents with value, which contributes to the UAE's economy.

✓ A patent or scientific study published in a prestigious journal must document exceptional talents.

✓ A five-year residence visa in the UAE is available to the following categories of individuals:

UAE property investors

✓ The investment must be made in a property with a minimum gross investment of AED 5 million.

✓ Real estate investment funds cannot be financed through loans.

✓ The asset must be kept for a minimum of three years.

Business owners

There are two types of entrepreneurs who qualify for this program: those with a project with an existing capital of AED 500,000 and those who are affiliated with an accredited business incubator.

Does the UAE offer golden visas to students?

Yes, exceptional students are eligible for the program for the five-year option. Exceptional students include:

✓ Those who completed secondary education in a public or private institution with a minimum grade of 95%.

✓ University students that have graduated with a distinction GPA of at least 3.75.

Are doctors eligible for a golden visa in Dubai?

Yes. The ten-year visa option is open to medical professionals. However, doctors must adhere to at least two of the requirements listed below:

✓ Ph.D. from one of the world's top 500 colleges

✓ A prize or recognition certificate

✓ Major contribution to scientific research

✓ Articles or scientific books published in prestigious newspapers

✓ Ph.D. in the discipline, membership in a professional organization, and ten years of experience

✓ Focus on things that are relevant to the UAE

What is the cost of the UAE golden visa?

Applicants for UAE golden visas must pay a couple of notable costs. You will first have to apply for a multi-entry visa if you plan to apply from outside the UAE. This will enable you to enter the UAE and discover property and job opportunities. Expense of the multiple entry visa is AED 1,150.

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